A personalized, smooth, and pleasing customer experience has been growing in significance and many companies are ahead of the race in technology and innovation to create a unique and remarkable experience.

The innovative AI-based marketing solutions platform was looking to achieve goals of customer retention and engagement with Data Engineering using AWS. They began their data transformation by building a data model that acts as a solid base for enhancing their customer journey.


The growing significance of customer insights

The AI business provides marketing solutions through conversation media marketing. 50 million+ users currently use the services in 100+ languages through intelligent keyboards, animated content, transliteration, and voice-to-text.

Enriching conversations with a variety of language keypads, GIFs, emojis, etc. is the core focus of the business.

The marketing platform collects a huge amount of data that primarily comes from customer interaction and engagement through predictive keyboards and helps determine customer segments and behaviour.

The business recognized the significance of this massive volume of data in understanding its customers, focusing on user preferences, accelerating customer retention, and enhancing the customer experience. However, they were dealing with extremely heavy data and the costs for transforming & generating data insights were very high. To leverage the data for customer insights and retention, the AI service provider required the right data transformation solution.

To leverage the data for insights into customer behaviour and retention, the client required an efficient data transformation solution, which would bring the ideal balance between performance & cost.

Achieving Data transformation with AWS

Noventiq’s team worked with the customer’s team closely to design and develop a new data transformation platform. The new platform would address their business needs, help control costs and enhance performance. The best-suited approach involved implementing the following:

The AI-based platform’s transformation and reporting solution was based on two datasets – semi-structured JSON-based User Events Data & structured User Profile Data. The RAW semi-structured data was converted into a structured columnar data format for performance and efficient storage.

Data Insights Platform


Transforming customer engagement

The conversation platform business can now visualize business KPIs accurately, in a timely manner, and at a fraction of the cost. The new data solution helps them re-engage customers with personalized campaigns, enhancing customer retention. Data transformation using AWS solutions enables them to:

With an efficient data transformation model, the business can embark on real time insights into customer behaviour for instant decision making, and scale easily to handle increasing data volume.