A global leader in leveraging data, technology, and advanced analytics to transform patient outcomes in the healthcare sector, this services provider is the largest healthcare Data Science company based in the US and has a presence in more than 100 countries. The NYSE-listed company helps the healthcare information technology and clinical research industries optimize data and visualization at scale for identifying disease patterns, arriving at the correct treatment path, and gaining a better understanding of diseases and patient behaviour. 

Facilitating Smooth Healthcare Collaboration with Data Analytics

The Data Analytics solution provider generates huge volumes of data primarily from three sources:
Facilitating Smooth Healthcare

The Need

The client’s team had to consolidate healthcare data flowing in from all three sources on a daily basis in large volumes to facilitate smooth healthcare collaboration for fulfilling the following:

The large healthcare visualization solution provider is a premium platform, and their aim was to come up with a multipronged strategy that would be cost effective for smaller healthcare and government bodies but meet demands of scalability, speed, and availability. In essence, they needed a single lightweight platform that would consolidate humongous volumes of data and process it for quick and easy visualization to meet the needs of all three types of users.

To facilitate a single platform, they first needed to create a Data Lake to consolidate and structure the huge volume of varied data and to process it in such a way that it could be leveraged for real time analytics for varied needs.

Building the Data & Visualization Solution

Noventiq worked with the large Health Analytics firm’s tech leaders including infrastructure and practice heads from the Middle East, South Africa, and South East Asia to understand their requirements. We began by considering the challenge of the huge data volume, fixing a solution for collecting, cleansing, and storing the data in a single repository in a format that was visualization ready. Noventiq’s team set up a Data Lake and Data Warehouse which help handle redundancy, multiple data formats, and both structured and semi-structured data. We used Power BI for enabling advanced visualization and dashboards. We deployed code and software on servers without the involvement of an on-premise setup. The Healthcare data solutions leader, with the help of streamlined data now has a single lightweight United Analytics Platform (UAP) that enables visibility for hospitals, governments, and consumers.

Technology used

Data Lake Architecture

Data Lake Architecture

A Single Solution for Multiple Needs