AWS Cloud Security Services

Make security a part of your process, framework and embrace it with every step of your cloud journey
Leverage advisory and assessment to identify critical gaps and remediation measures
Design a best fit cloud strategy with the right tools, integration and implementation
Free your resources from stressing over cloud security and focus on innovation

Cloud Security Is a Constant Endeavour

When it comes to cloud security, a shoestring strategy barely covers the base. With cyber threats advancing drastically, businesses need to be well prepared with a comprehensive cloud security strategy that can protect the infrastructure and ensure business continuity.

While public clouds are inherently secure, continuous security on the cloud is a shared responsibility and businesses must take concrete measures to prevent attacks and ensure safe deployments. Such determined, consistent steps involve good deployment practices and enforcing governance policy more firmly.

Noventiq’s AWS Cloud security services help strengthen security posture and ensure reliability and availability as organizations scale and expand. We enable secure innovation, adherence to best practices, automated security checks, continuous monitoring, and disaster recovery.

Why Cloud Security

The Imperative Need for Cloud Security

Among the top eight security and risk trends for 2021 that Gartner identifies, security options that are always flexible, agile, scalable and composable enabling an organization to move into the future in a secure manner come under Trend 1

Remote Work Management

Remote work has spread worldwide across industry with cloud adoption becoming mainstream, necessitating secure access to critical assets

Debilitating Effect of a Security Breach

Businesses must secure themselves against data breaches, unsecured APIs, insider threats, cloud migration vulnerabilities, and more

Adhering to Rules and Standards

With data protection and compliance growing increasingly significant for business continuity and reliability, organizations must ensure adherence

Getting Back on Your Toes

In the event of a crisis or a meltdown, the natural course of action is to recover quickly, and this can only be achieved with a disaster recovery plan

Noventiq’s Security Approach

AWS Security Services

Having worked with various organizations across sectors that consider security a game changer, we help you balance transformation and cloud security while ensuring data protection

Assess Your Cloud Security Stance

A holistic review of your AWS cloud environment that helps you understand your current security needs in the context of architecture, policies and processes, and management

Get Ready for Risk Remediation

Determine the appropriate tools and AWS services for monitoring, visibility and remediation to address risk and vulnerabilities that were prioritized during the assessment

Automate to Reduce Risk & Errors

Make use of a wide variety of integrations in AWS to automate tasks and processes for identifying risk, protecting data, applying security checks and enforcing compliance

Set The Bar High for Ensuring Security

Optimize AWS for data protection through automatic encryption, additional security layers, Key Management System and get visibility into adherence to data laws

Manage Your Security with Efficiency

With our Managed Cloud Security Services, you can leverage monitoring and visibility to prevent security and data breaches, respond, recover and remediate faster

Get the Experts to Secure Your Cloud Environment

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Noventiq organized a webinar to raise the security posture of Managed Services customers. Experts from Noventiq, AWS and CheckPoint discussed what customers can do for a robust security foundation in the Cloud.

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“ Thanks to a highly sophisticated monitoring environment which maps adherence with AWS best practices and CIS benchmarks and takes remedial measures, HeroFin operations are always compliant and technology has enabled to meet a critical business objective,” says Shiv Ram Head – IT Infrastructure of Hero FinCorp. ”
AWS Service - HeroFinCorp

“ The superb technical competence of Noventiq allows us to focus on designing technicalities specific to our business objectives, namely compliance and security. AWS infrastructure gives us scalability and reliability, which is critical to achieve our business objectives. ”

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