First-of-a-kind Fintech company in India

The growing Fintech company offers world-class financial services through its five pillars which include banking, lending, and insurance. The startup focuses on services for small business owners and has a strong presence across India’s top 25 cities.

02. Securing Transactions & Reducing Risk

As a business that mainly offers loans to SMBs, data security, compliance and reliability are highly critical to the growing fintech startup.

From user data to e-KYC information, when AWS and Noventiq conducted an assessment of the finance based company’s cloud security posture, we identified areas for improvement.

The fintech startup is developing rapidly and increasing the delivery of new services. This acceleration is accompanied by the increasing risk of a surface attack on their systems. They had to quickly ensure ongoing compliance in their AWS infrastructure and needed a solution that enabled real-time visibility on the risks, continuous compliance status reports, and tools for rapid remediation.

The assessment also helped the tech company identify their critical needs based on which they decided on a major security shift. The company required quick and effective remediation as it bears the key responsibility of ensuring protection from data theft; secure transactions; and regulatory compliance.

03. Assessment and Risk Remediation

We helped assess the Fintech’s security posture, identified existing gaps, and provided solutions for risk remediation, strengthening security, and ensuring compliance:

Our approach to fortify cloud security for this client cascaded as follows:

Our team collaborated with the customer to help them understand issues and remediation, including security measures applicable to their third party services.

04. Improved Cloud Security

With our comprehensive assessment, steps taken to assess security gaps and remediation measures, the growing fintech business considerably strengthened its security stance.

They were able to easily determine identity and access risks and mitigate them quickly. The finance-based organization gained clear visibility into its permissions, policies, groups, and identities across its AWS accounts. Integration of the appropriate AWS security tools enabled robust frameworks that facilitated remedies for exposed risks.

Continuous monitoring of identities and data has enforced access provisioning and mapping. Our security solutions have helped them detect and address compliance gaps with agility and keep track of misconfigurations. Their CIS benchmark rating improved from 30% to 90% with automated monitoring and policy enforcement. Their strengthened security framework enabled high availability, reduced risk and increased visibility of vulnerabilities.