Orix Auto Infrastructure Services (OAIS), a subsidiary of Orix Corporation in Japan and a provider of transport solutions and leasing options in India, aimed to modernize their IT infrastructure by migrating from their outdated on-premises data center to Amazon Web Services (AWS). To assist with the migration, OAIS approached AWS partner, Umbrella Infocare (rebranded as Noventiq). With our help, OAIS set up an AWS Landing zone to separate AWS accounts for its four business units. The Landing Zone provided an extremely secure foundation to run scalable workloads on AWS. We also deployed five Amazon Virtual Private Clouds (Amazon VPC) for its production, testing, shared services, security, and log environments. AWS WAF – Web Application Firewall was added as an extra security layer to protect all their ecosystems from external threats and Amazon Inspector was employed to automatically assess applications for vulnerabilities. We built a disaster recovery (DR) site on AWS for them within six months, which was significantly faster and more cost-effective than building an on-premises DR solution. 

Overall, the move to AWS services boosted their uptime to at least 99% and helped them achieve a recovery time objective of 30 minutes. Additionally, outsourcing log monitoring and restricting access to the production environment freed up their IT staff and enhanced overall security. Moreover, this transformation empowered OAIS to launch a scalable self-service leasing portal and focus on innovation to deliver exceptional service to its customers. 

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Published Date : 24-June-2023