Cloud Native Application Development Services

Become future ready with applications that are optimized for Cloud
Go to market faster with secure applications
Reduce costs by not paying for idle time
Make infrastructure management easier

Get Your Applications to Stay in Step on Cloud

As businesses transform digitally and grow, they come to realize that building traditional applications doesn’t match up to the speed and agility of the cloud. Cloud native applications are purpose built for cloud and are based on microservices that ensure continuous delivery through automation and orchestration.

Creating disruptive applications for Cloud requires specialized skill sets, capabilities and experience in building for scale, agility, repeatability, and a whole new approach to design and architectural frameworks. Cloud Application Development needs expertise on latest platforms and tools, understanding about compatibility with legacy applications and domain knowledge.

From mobile apps and web applications to e-commerce, CMS applications and more, we bring technical expertise in Cloud application services and serverless application development. We understand user behaviour to design intuitive, robust, highly performant, secure applications that trigger adoption.

We build agile, responsive, scalable and robust cloud native applications with event-driven coding and micro-services architecture.

Go Cloud Native with Best in Class Services

AWS is among the top performers in Cloud Native services and we know how to help you leverage the vast variety of serverless computing, database and storage solutions

Cost Reduction

Dynamic scaling, pay-as-you-go model and multitenancy and savings on maintenance costs lead to reduced costs

Plenty of Flexibility

Options to choose from a combination of web application platforms, operating systems, databases, and more

Robust and Resilient

AWS global infrastructure, availability zones, containers and serverless based architecture and inbuilt redundancies

Noventiq Cloud Native Approach

Shift to Flexibility with AWS Cloud Native Applications

Forrester predicts that 25% of developers will use serverless and nearly 30% will use containers regularly by the end of 2021, leading to a spike in the demand for Cloud Native tech

Go Agile with App Development

Cloud based architectures, incremental and iterative development, identification of standard patterns, and CI/CD for agility

Adapt Faster with Serverless

Microservices architecture using serverless technology, and deployed independently fosters scalability and costs savings

Enable Operational Efficiency

DevOps Automation facilitates source control, release management, automation and infrastructure and performance management

Fast Track Cloud Deployment

Containerized and Serverless combined with the elasticity and automation of AWS help bring down infrastructure overheads

AWS Containers

Power up your applications with Speed, Portability, Efficiency and Scaling

Containers play a significant role in modernizing your applications as they are platform agnostic and you can run them anywhere across various environments. They are light weight, and start up and replicate instantly, enabling faster releases and smooth scaling.

There are many more benefits to using containers and Noventiq’s team of Cloud Native experts can help you find out how to leverage them.

Cloud Native Application Development
Cloud Native Application
Noventiq AWS Serverless

Serverless with AWS – Modernize and Adapt to Change

Becoming agile is the key to innovation. And innovation is the ticket to business growth and continuity. Serverless is one of the sure-fire ways to establish practices and services that help you build modern applications ideal for innovation and change.

“ A MarketWatch report says, the global Serverless Computing market size is projected to reach USD 28960 million by 2027, at a CAGR of 20.8% during the forecast period 2021-2027. ”

Think Cloud Native and step closer to customer success

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“ Noventiq has been one of the best technology partners we have worked with-highly professional, ethical, transparent dealings, and clear communication. Extremely customer focused and delivers high-quality work on schedule. ”

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