AWS Disaster Recovery Service

Ensure business continuity with a solid recovery plan
Leverage disaster recovery planning
Meet your RTO and RPO
Achieve high availability

Ensuring Minimum Downtime with the Right Method

Every business is aware of how critical it is to prevent disruption, and that a brief one can lead to a huge loss. It follows that businesses on Cloud can benefit significantly from a structured and detailed Disaster Recovery (DR) plan. Having a DR plan helps get the organization operational in the event of a failure or an attack, within no time.

An on-premise disaster recovery solution can be expensive and difficult to maintain. AWS offers a comprehensive solution to recover your system and networks and ensures minimum data loss, risk distribution and quick recovery of critical applications and data.

An effective DR strategy requires an in-depth understanding of your infrastructure, the right AWS tools and the know how to ensure fast backup and recovery. Noventiq has been facilitating minimum downtime for leading businesses with the appropriate DR strategy.

AWS Resilience Hub​

Know Your Application Resilience with AWS Resilience Hub

Application resilience involves continuously validating, tracking, and improving an application’s ability to withstand disruptions, optimize business continuity, and reduce recovery costs.  AWS Resilience Hub provides a central platform for defining, validating, and monitoring application resilience on AWS. 

Discover Hidden Vulnerabilities ​

Leverage fault-based simulations of real-world fault scenarios to help validate disaster recovery resilience & readiness 

Faster Recovery for Critical Applications​

Benefit from expert recommendations that help you setup the right recovery procedures for mission critical applications​

Meeting Contractual & Regulatory Requirements ​

Get clear visibility with a thorough audit of events during
DR drill and real-time outages to ensure compliance & regulatory standards​

AWS Disaster Recovery

Disaster Strategy with AWS Cloud

Setup disaster recovery on AWS for both your on premise environment, and for workloads deployed on Amazon cloud
Backup and Restore

Backup your systems and restore them from backup in the event of a disaster

Warm Standby

Run a full backup system in standby mode by replicating live data from the production environment

Pilot Light

Run core services in standby mode and trigger additional services when needed

Multi-Site Active/Active

Run a full, secondary production system entirely ready to serve traffic when needed

Noventiq Disaster Recovery Services

Explore the Advantages of Disaster Recovery as a Service

Leverage expert guidance to build a DR plan that enables testing, proactive management, monitoring and backup
Identify Requirements

Identify your resources and assets considering possible impact on critical operations

Build your DR Plan

Based on your needs, determine the right approach, services and tools for recovery

Test and Deploy

Test your DR strength to identify gaps and implement with security measures in place

AWS Disaster Recovery
AWS Disaster Recovery Benefits

Be Prepared to Recover with Speed

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