AWS Cloud Cost Optimization Services

Get more for less from AWS Cloud
Leverage cloud expertise to understand AWS spend and rein in costs based on insights
Optimize AWS environment for efficiency, and resource availability, avoiding waste
With monitoring, best practices and visibility, design budgeting that focuses on your customer

Enable Your AWS Environment to Save for You

Moving to the Cloud is not a magic bullet for achieving cost optimization. It is a continuous journey of monitoring and aligning resources with goals to achieve the desired cost structure. The accessibility and ease of use of Cloud resources comes with an associated reality that costs tend to increase with time. However, Cloud-native provides granular insights into each Cloud resource and improves return on investment.

Costing involves a consideration of various aspects like rightsizing for your applications, selecting a pricing model that suits your business, tagging resources and scaling based on demand.

There are several ways to track and save on your AWS cloud computing costs. Apart from continuous monitoring, it also involves optimizing storage, right provisioning, leveraging compute instances for flexibility, autoscaling and automation.

All this requires an understanding of the compute infrastructure, application, and data usage and more. Noventiq is helping many customers achieve cost-efficiency by applying best practices and customized approaches in the design, delivery, and maintenance of AWS environments.

Noventiq AWS Cost Savings

Succeeding in Minimizing Costs

Forecast your AWS spend with ease

Get a granular understanding of your cost, usage, resource relationships, workloads, and needs and use in-depth analysis to align usage and costs with business goals

Streamline for performance and cost savings

With visibility, understand where you are losing out on savings and efficiency and remediate to eliminate waste, remove obsolete assets, schedule on/off times and update instances

Best Practices for continuous cost optimization

Devise budgeting based on options and that are focused on your end users and implement a controlled approach with best practices to maximize value while deriving operational benefits

AWS Cloud Optimizer

Cloud Cost Optimization

Manage Your Resources Optimally

Identify dormant assets, incorrect configuration and optimize for superior performance

Monitor Usage and Performance

Leverage cloud governance and appropriate tools to analyze AWS Cloud environment

Use Reserved Instances Smartly

Manage reserved instances strategically to lower your AWS spend with the right plan

Plan Storage Sizing Efficiently

Pick a storage plan that fits you depending on data usage, and setup lifecycle policies

Leverage the Right Compute Type

Define your compute infrastructure by choosing the instances most suited to your workloads

Align Resource Usage with Demand

Pay less when demand is frugal with autoscaling and setup a Cloud Centre of Excellence (CCoE)

Get Insights into your Spend and Control Over your Costs

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“ We have not faced downtime issues since we engaged Noventiq. The website performance has also gone up. Noventiq has understood the business imperatives and aligned the infrastructure to meet with those objectives. ”

“ Using best practices that includes autoscaling, RI and sophisticated monitoring, Noventiq helped achieve significant cost savings even as we were able to scale up, reach new customer segments and deliver high performance consistently. ”

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