Blackberrys is an Indian formal wear brand owned by Mohan Clothing Co. Pvt Ltd. Established in 1991, it mainly caters to men. The Blackberrys brand has an extensive network of franchise stores, company-owned showrooms and is available in more than 900 multi-brand outlets.


01. The Challenge

The company wanted to extend its presence to online and have an e-commerce website which is reliable, scalable and available at all times. The aim was to provide a good customer experience while shopping.

Initially the company had outsourced the development of the application and hosting it on AWS to a service provider. However the experience was not satisfactory. The website faced availability and performance issues which did not bode well for customer experience.

02. The Solution

Blackberrys then engaged Noventiq to manage its infrastructure on an ongoing basis. Soon after our team came on board, it redeployed the website and optimized performance by introducing changes in the architecture. One of the things the team did was examine the infrastructure and close unauthorized ports which had made the application vulnerable to DDoS attacks. The team then used auto scaling to enable the website to scale up and down as traffic increased or decreased. The team also used Elastic Cache to store user sessions and enhance customer experience.

We also provides a monthly report of the infrastructure with suggestions for performance optimization and cost reduction.

03. The Benefits

Blackberrys´ e-commerce website has not faced any issues ever since Noventiq took over as its managed service provider. The website is always available and has very high speed of accessibility. “We have not faced downtime issues since we engaged Noventiq. The website performance has also gone up,” says Rajesh Verma, CIO of Mohan Clothing.

We have understood the business imperatives and aligned the infrastructure to meet with those objectives. The technical team does not have to spend time and resources in managing the performance of the website. “This allows me to focus on important business issues and not spend time in managing the IT infrastructure,” explains Verma.