Vestergaard is one of the world’s leading firms devoted to improving the health of vulnerable people, most of who live in developing countries. The Switzerland headquartered firm with offices across the world, aims to build a healthier, and more sustainable planet. It focuses its effort by fighting malaria, HIV/AIDS, diarrhoea disease s, and neglected tropical ailments. The company is the largest producer of long-lasting insecticidal bed nets, PermaNet®.


01. The Challenge

The organization had been using AWS for a number of years for comprehensive production & disaster recovery management and it was greatly satisfied with its flexibility and cost benefits. With a hybrid infrastructure including on-site and off-site assets, the company wanted to have a single solution to run across all its systems provided by different vendors.

Vestergaard didn’t have to look too far for an implementation partner. Based on a prior engagement, the company decided to continue its relationship with Noventiq. It was fully satisfied with its proven skills and experience in cloud adoption strategies.

02. The Solution

After evaluating available cloud options in the market, Vestergaard with help from us selected AWS because of its wide range of services, flexibility, and speed in designing and provisioning. The solution also offered significant cost advantages that other service providers could not match.

We designed the back-up implementation strategy in line with the organization’s business requirements. The AWS Storage Gateway adopted by Vestergaard features an off-site backup alternative that has robust data security provisions as well as seamless integration with existing infrastructure and applications. With the new solution, We were able to eliminate a number of the intrinsic issues that were being caused by the hybrid infrastructure environment

03. The Benefits

Noventiq successfully implemented AWS Storage Gateway in line with best practice guidelines. The previous pain points of an inconsistent and unreliable backup had been eliminated.

In a short period of a week, Vestergaard could see the benefits from easy integration with existing applications and processes. This resulted in highly secure data encryption and asynchronous uploading of data to Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) platform.

The international firm is now able to effectively backup data in hours what previously took days. Expanding its use of AWS, Vestergaard has now moved some of their production workloads also on AWS.