AWS Well-Architected Review

Enhance your Cloud Architecture with Discovery and Evaluation
Well Architected Partner Program
Review your architecture against AWS best practices to identify areas for improvement
Streamline your architecture for operational excellence, cost optimization, and reliability
Reduce risk by protecting your data and system, and improve security and standards

Where Do You Stand with AWS Cloud?

Cloud deployments are distinct from traditional systems as they lend themselves to evolutionary changes and deliver continuous benefits. To take advantage of Cloud benefits, the underlying architecture must be solidly built on a foundation of security, reliability and self-healing capabilities. The AWS Well-Architected Framework provides a reference point to assess the qualities of a modern Cloud-based system and remediation required to achieve those qualities. Some questions the Framework answers include the following:
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AWS Well-Architected Review Pillars

A set of design principles and best practices based on years of experience working with thousands of customers that help you review the state of your architecture
Operational Excellence

Monitor systems, define standards, automate and enable continuous improvement

Ensure Robust Security

Safeguard your information and data integrity, establish controls, and prevent security events


Prevent failure, automatic failover mechanisms, automate change request and plan remediation

Performance Efficiency

Enable resource rightsizing, optimization, performance monitoring and constant cloud review

Cost Optimization

Track and analyze spend, eliminate
expenditure and waste
and enable elasticity with autoscaling


Ensure lasting success through responsible resource management & environmentally conscious practices

WAR Steps

Noventiq WAR Process

A set of design principles and best practices based on years of experience working with thousands of customers that help you review the state of your architecture

Identify the workloads to be reviewed and get answers on your architecture


Review your workload against the five pillars and align with the responses


Get expert opinion on remediation for critical areas within 5 days


Implement approved recommendations within 1-3 weeks

Periodic Review

Get help with periodic reviews to ensure an optimized architecture

AWS Well Architected Review Service
WAR Benefits

A High Performing and Efficient Cloud Architecture

More than 90% of our clients have accepted WAR recommendations and benefited from a highly efficient, secure and reliable architecture

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