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Elevate performance of your business critical workloads with transformation
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Power Up Microsoft Workloads with AWS

Enterprise customers are increasingly migrating Microsoft workloads to AWS Cloud to achieve digital transformation and to take advantage of the agility, scalability and reliability.

Customers who have deployed business-critical workloads in the traditional Microsoft environment are benefiting from the ability to build, test, deploy and manage applications faster, at scale with security, reliability and cost effectiveness.
For customers who have deployed business-critical workloads in traditional Microsoft environment, Cloud becomes a force multiplier that helps achieve holistic transformation. Moving workloads to AWS also spurs innovation at speed and scale with a standardized, API-driven infrastructure accompanied by enhanced security, transparency and collaboration.

From global compute, and application and deployment services to database, AWS offers support for building and running Microsoft applications and has enabled migration at scale for thousands of customers over 10 years.

However, moving workloads to AWS is not easy and can become stressful and challenging without the right kind of expertise. Noventiq has been helping customers migrate Microsoft workloads to AWS helping them gain higher performance, availability, and cost savings.

To power up migration to AWS Cloud with an assessment

Migration Benefits

Modernizing Windows Workloads on AWS Cloud

IDC states that moving your Windows workloads to AWS can lead to a 98% reduction in unplanned downtime, 71% faster deployment, and 26% higher developer productivity
Broader & Deeper Functionality

AWS offers a wide range of cloud services such as AWS Deep Learning AMI for Microsoft Windows Server; the only production support for Kubernetes on Windows; and the only fully managed native-Windows file system available in the Cloud with FSx for Windows File Server.

High Availability & Security

Global infrastructure with AWS Region/AZ model—recognized by industry analysts as the recommended approach for running enterprise applications that require high availability. AWS comes with numerable security, compliance and governance services and features.

Faster Performance & Lower Costs

SQL server workloads show consistently better performance on AWS and running Windows on AWS leads to long term cost benefits with reduced costs on infrastructure and compute instances, savings through flexible pay as you go pricing, and better ROI in the longer run.

Migration Approach

AWS Migration Options

Choose the migration approach best suited to your Microsoft workloads

Migrate applications with very little change using the “lift and shift” approach to migrate quickly and benefit from automation and cost savings


Replatforming involves lift and shift with more specific modifications that help with agility and speed above automation and cost benefits


Refactoring Microsoft applications means a ground up approach to rewriting applications with the goal of adding new features or scaling faster

Noventiq Solutions

Optimize Microsoft Workloads on AWS

Our vast experience in migrating Microsoft workloads to AWS cloud can help you leverage migration for high performance, availability and cost reduction
Managed Microsoft SQL Server

Leverage flexible cost models, Microsoft SQL licenses on AWS cloud, automated maintenance, patching, and backups

Windows Workload Migration

Deploy Active Directory, Dynamics, IIS and SQL Server on AWS and configure EC2 instances for scalability and efficiency

Microsoft Software Licenses

Benefit from EC2 instances with Windows preinstalled, Bring Your Own License model and Microsoft license mobility

AWS Storage for Microsoft Windows

Optimize storage with Amazon FSx for Windows file server, and fully managed native Microsoft Windows file system

Relational Database Services

Run workloads for a longer time with Amazon RDS for SQL server and make it easy to manage administrative tasks

Advisory, Cost Optimization & Support

Get recommendations for a smooth migration, reduce costs and gain end to end infrastructure support

Give your Microsoft Workloads the AWS Edge

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“ Our objective was to deliver good customer experience with stable deployment and responsive architecture. Noventiq enabled us to achieve high performance and enhanced security. We achieved continuous cost reductions even as our infrastructure was expanding. ”

“ Noventiq helped us achieve significant performance improvement and cost efficiency by configuring autoscaling, using Reserved Instances and realigning appropriate AWS resources with our workloads . ”

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