AWS Cloud Assessment

Get cloud migration right with an assessment tailored for you
Set measurable goals that align Cloud migration with business objectives
Determine which apps, databases, and servers you want to migrate first
Map your applications, choose the right tools, and detail a transition plan

Before you move to the Cloud, let's Assess your Cloud Readiness

Cloud transformation has now become a must for businesses to ensure continuity, growth, customer success and retain the competitive edge. While transformation is a serious exercise, the first step is to take stock of where one stands in terms of infrastructure, resources, needs and goals of transformation and migration costs. Stepping into the cloud without a readiness assessment can lead to higher costs and low optimization of cloud benefits.

Noventiq has broad experience and the skillset to bring you a tailored and focused cloud assessment that helps you determine if you are AWS cloud ready. With our AWS cloud assessment, you can quickly get an understanding of risk in your current environment, and actionable insights into the next critical steps aligned to your business interests. With the results of the assessment, you can design a clear migration strategy and cloud model that will help you optimize AWS cloud for your IT environment.

Why Cloud Assessment

Cloud Assessment, The First Step Toward A Successful Migration

While many businesses move to the Cloud, they often struggle to leverage the change for optimization when they do not perform a Cloud assessment. With a Cloud assessment, you can:

Align with Business Strategy

Identify the IT objectives along with the major operational and infrastructure changes and align them to business goals

Review to Ensure Performance

Ensure that the applications, data and systems you port to the cloud can be rearchitected to meet customer expectations

Choose the Right Technology

Determine the right software and tools suitable to your cloud environment, that can accelerate performance

Identify the Best Strategy

Choose to move all your applications to cloud or go for a combined on-premise and cloud strategy based on needs

How we Help

Cloud Assessment Benefits

Our Cloud readiness assessment helps you understand what, when and how to migrate for ensuring a cost effective and smooth journey to the Cloud. Here’s how we help:
Set Your Migration Goals

Choose from scalability and availability, agility, and disaster recovery to accelerating delivery

Audit your IT infrastructure

Understand the use and usage of your applications, capabilities and adaptability of applications

Assess your security needs

Consider needs related to compliance and governance, resource access, and network security

Consider your operational stance

Determine stakeholders, responsibilities, operational model, documentation, and best practices

Evaluate your cloud

Anticipate your cloud costing by estimating workloads, resource usage and security requirements

Determine priorities and timelines

List risk free applications for the pilot, set timelines for phased migration and group applications


Are You Evaluating Options To Migrate Already?

Take advantage of free AWS Optimization and Licensing Assessment (AWS OLA) with the help of our experts to leverage the full capabilities of AWS, reduce unnecessary expenses and improve your cloud performance.
Noventiq Approach

Cloud Readiness Assessment Methodology

Noventiq’s Cloud assessment takes the organization through three main stages that come with a defined set of activities and outcomes  

Directional cost estimates for AWS migrations based on high level inputs & assumptions

The Directional stage takes 3-5 days at the end of which high level business case is presented

Business case based on inputs related to business goals, technology landscape, security and more

The evaluation takes 3-5 weeks and results in a detailed multi-year business case and reports

Detailed business case based on applications assessment, integrations and pilot migration

The 6-8 weeks assessment ends with a detailed business case on migration approach and roadmap

Cloud Readiness Assessment Review

Give Your Cloud Journey the Best Start It Needs

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