Digivive is a leading OTT platform, white-label service and technology provider operating in the converging mobile and digital landscape. The company partners with leading telcos, cable operators, broadcasters, educational institutions, transport operators and media companies enabling them to quickly make a mark in its industry segment.



A company with a vision to cater to the future needs of the market, Digivive provides a platform for companies to innovate. Digivive offers generational services aimed at helping customers to earn revenue with highly differentiated services, enhanced end-user experience and high performance.

The company’s offerings include platforms for OTT and mobile TV; video streaming solutions; learning management systems; application development; and white label solutions among others.

01. Overcoming Business Uncertainty

Digivive’s Learning Management System is targeted at large enterprises, educational institutions, coaching centres and schools to fulfil the education and training needs digitally. The full-featured LMS platform is compatible with a range of end-user devices, provides analytics for real-time monitoring, facilitates video publishing and supports live streaming.

Digivive was targeting its LMS solution to customers across market segments and a key value proposition was ensuring superb end-user experience which requires high application availability with page loads at speed. Continuity is critical in the learning process as it requires high level of concentration and flow for absorption and therefore availability of application and infrastructure is imperative to Digivive’s vision of delivering uninterrupted lecture sessions and tests.

Considering that its LMS was being used by a wide base of customers, Digivive was finding it difficult to predict traffic and provision infrastructure appropriately and was therefore looking for a partner to help achieve the following goals:

After due diligence, Digivive selected Noventiq to move its workloads to AWS Cloud and manage it thereafter to deliver a consistent level of high performance and uptime.

02. Business Growth with Scalable & Robust Solution

We migrated the LMS application from customer premise to AWS Cloud and re-platformed it using AWS Aurora, autoscaling, Application Load Balancer and Elastic Cache. Adhering to AWS Well-Architected Framework best practices we deployed it across two availability zones as using two availability zones ensures the LMS application will always be available. The application is configured to run simultaneously across two zones and in case of failure in one zone the other one will be up and running.

To enhance user experience, we used Elastic Cache for session management and CloudFront for distribution.

Further to ensure the LMS application delivers a consistent user experience, we deployed continuous monitoring of infrastructure resources using a combination of CloudWatch custom metrics and Site 24×7, wherein CloudWatch monitors EC2 and Aurora providing details into CPU, memory, disk utilization, and IOPS for database and Site24x7 monitors health of auto-scaled instances.

The architecture has been made secure with least privilege access via role-based sign-in using AWS IAM; Cloud trail maintains logs into all resources and Config ensures continuous compliance.

03. Successful Migration with Continuous Benefits

Digivive is reaping the benefits of moving its workloads to AWS Cloud. Speaking about the benefits of migrating to AWS Cloud, Ankit Teotia Head Technology says, “Noventiq has successfully migrated and stabilized the deployment and delivered cost-benefits as our Managed Services partner—deploying the platform on AWS Cloud has strengthened its value proposition with high uptime and consistent user experience.”

Specific benefits to Digivive include