The well‐known airline specialises in bringing a personalised experience and works toward offering outstanding hospitality. The airline’s management team was having a difficult time getting data on demand and it was a time consuming process to retrieve the data for different analyses each time. 24 They needed Big data solutions to integrate, leverage and visualise data more effectively to make critical decisions that would drive Return on Investment (ROI). With Noventiq’s Data Analytics solution based on AWS services, the business was able to achieve these goals and increase revenue through better route planning based on real time data.


20 Million Customers

01. About the Airline

The airline company aims at bringing a customised and seamless experience for Indian travellers that blends service excellence and exceptional hospitality. The relatively new airline has expanded operations in a short span of time, now serving 36 destinations with over 200 flights daily.

02. Business Challenge

The airline’s team was following a highly manual process for integrating and manipulating data for route profitability planning. They did not have much flexibility with data manipulation and because of the complexity and volume, the management was using data that was at least 24 hours old for route planning. This delay and the lack of effective visualisation was affecting optimal route profitability analysis that would ensure better ROI.

03. Business Need for Efficient Route Profitability

As the airline was expanding, route planning was a critical aspect that significantly influences any airline’s revenue. Route profitability systems help an airline determine the following from data analysis:

Some of the factors influencing route profitability planning include :

In order to achieve profitability, an airline needs to integrate data on all these factors and more efficiently. The management needs to visualise the data effectively to plan routes in a manner that would help them save costs and improve revenue.

04. The Data Challenge

Route profitability planning for the airline business was complex because of the variety of data that is integrated from multiple sources. With a manually intensive process, they were finding it difficult to leverage the data for improving ROI.

These were the primary challenges in this process:

05. The Big Data Analytics Solution

Data aggregation being the airline company’s main challenge, the first solution that We implemented was establishing a data lake. This helped create a centralized repository using which the management could execute route planning more effectively. Manual intervention was minimised, and the team could conduct analysis based on different parameters without restrictions. A number of dashboards with an interactive view makes data visualisation easier for various purposes.

Noventiq’s Approach For The Airline’s Challenge

06. Business Benefits

The Big Data‐Analytics solution has solved the client’s business challenge of planning route profitability for better revenue. The airline has benefited in the following areas: