an online marketplace that provides buyers the opportunity to get global brands at affordable prices. Starting operations over a decade ago, the New Delhi-based has emerged one of the leading providers for unboxed, refurbished goods in India. The company received the prestigious ‘Specialty e-Retailer of the Year 2015” honour by The Indian eRetail Awards for its creative initiatives in the online retail space. It scored high for its site design, usability, customer experience, service, and need fulfilment among other aspects.


01. The Challenge

Given its conventional IT environment, the company followed a customary approach to procurement of goods that was impeding its development plans. It had no real-time visibility on inventory and lacked an effective process for stock management. This led to wastage and increase in cost. At the same time, it also meant underutilization of systems.

To resolve its challenges, wanted an IT landscape that would provide the ability to scale in an uninhibited way. The company recognized that with its conservative architecture it wouldn’t be able to transform quickly. After considering all options available, it decided to migrate to AWS for greater flexibility, ease of use and cost containment aspects.

02. The Solution

With Noventiq as its implementation partner, has gained the quickest and most professional way of getting up and running. With access to an array of technologies enabled through on-demand resources, was able to get started with AWS technologies swiftly. The new system can handle unpredictable loads without the need for estimation or forecasting. This means, no longer needs to predict future traffic or face delays while gaining time significantly to go to market.

Noventiq  helped implement AWS features like S3 for storing images and static contents. It deployed CloudFront for content delivery and RDS for database management. adopted CloudWatch for monitoring server health and performance that are very useful to a dynamic commerce site in accelerating performance, reducing development costs, and negotiating time to deal with a large number of suppliers.

03. The Benefits

Using AWS with the help of Noventiq has helped focus its attention on development and product enhancement rather than managing its IT infrastructure. Working within a flexible system and using features like Elastic Load Balance and Autoscaling has allowed to be able to optimise costs and achieve cost reduction, something that wouldn’t have been possible in a traditional IT environment.

With our help, has got the right security levels and it has achieved 100 percent uptime. Furthermore, the company now runs their Web Application, Mobile Application, and all Business Applications on AWS cloud.