Our client is a housing finance company registered with the National Housing Bank (NHB) and managed by a team of seasoned professionals. The company’s mission is to provide home loans, business loans, and loans against property to lower and middle-income Indian families residing in urban and semi-urban areas. With over 16,000 satisfied customers and an asset under management (AUM) of 1100 crore, the client is committed to building a significant loan book.


Published Date : 09-May-2023

Client’s Needs

The client had specific needs when migrating from their on-premises data center to AWS Cloud. As customer data is of utmost importance to the organization, ensuring its confidentiality was a top priority. Therefore, a secure infrastructure was required to maintain the confidentiality of client data, and robust security measures were necessary for seamless business operations. 

These requirements comprised the following: 

Noventiq’s Proposed Solution for Client

Noventiq proposed a solution for customer involved several measures to ensure the security and reliability of their AWS infrastructure. We deployed ISV Firewall, which enables them to inspect all incoming and outgoing traffic. The solution also includes continuous monitoring using AWS Best Practices and Center for Internet Security (CIS) Benchmark via AWS Security Hub. For the protection of Web URLs hosted on AWS infrastructure, we have deployed a Web application Firewall. In addition, AWS logging is enabled for governance, compliance, operational auditing, and risk auditing of AWS accounts. Load balancers protect instances from direct internet access. Logs and security services are integrated with 24/7 SOC monitoring, and we provide round-the-clock support for infrastructure and security requests.

AWS Services used

The client has implemented a range of AWS security services to enhance their security posture.  

Some of these services include: 


Implementing AWS security services helped client achieve their security and compliance objectives, ensuring business continuity and protecting their reputation. 

Few benefits included: