India’s well-known online lender operates in consumer loans, SME lending, and commercial/corporate lending. It was launched after acquiring GE Money and with the support of AION capital partners. It offers a variety of consumer loans, such as personal loans, education loans, and used car loans.



Published Date : 09-May-2023

Why did this NBFC player want to enhance security?

The client had the following requirements and challenges: 

As a financial services provider, it holds huge volumes of sensitive user data and is accountable for meeting stringent security standards and data protection. They needed a robust architecture that reinforced security and enabled threat readiness.  

Leveraging AWS security services for network protection

The client had a crucial need to protect their network from threats and attacks. While implementing infrastructure management services, Noventiq added Network Firewall with multi-layer protection across multiple AWS accounts to the client’s environment. This solution offers key network safeguards that automatically scale with the traffic flow, eliminating the need to manage any infrastructure. Additionally, the Network Firewall’s flexible rules engine enables customers to define firewall regulations, granting them precise control over their network traffic. Additionally, to enhance AWS infrastructure, we have also configured multiple other security services for alerting and monitoring.

AWS Services used

Benefits of deploying Network Firewall for Client

With a growing number of customers, this leading online lender required a highly scalable security solution with minimum downtime. The implementation of AWS Network Firewall across several clients’ production, testing, and other service environments helps them achieve their goals, including: