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Published Date : 17-June-2023

Better control over AWS accounts and Access management

The client had a crucial need to streamline their AWS accounts due to multiple isolated environments and distributed authentication mechanisms. These environments were in the form of different AWS accounts, which resulted in no centralized user access visibility and control. The organization wanted to implement standardized AWS best practices for identity & access management to maintain their organization’s security standards. 

Their requirements primarily included : 

Centralized Access Control & Visibility for the Client

Umbrella Infocare proposed a solution for the global appliances giant to utilize the AWS landing zone with AWS Control Tower & AWS IAM identity center. This allows the customer to monitor and control their identity & access mechanism for their AWS environment centrally in line with the organization’s security standards. Landing zone also provides automation of organization structure setup using best practices and the creation of new accounts with pre-approved configurations. 

Solution Overview :

AWS Services used:


Note: The Landing Zone Architecture is for reference purpose only
Note: The Landing Zone Architecture is for reference purpose only

Enhanced Security & better Identity management

Noventiq’s proposed solution provided several benefits to the client. It streamlined and standardized their AWS accounts, enhanced security, and ensured compliance with organizational standards. The solution provides centralized identity management and disallowed unauthorized access to sensitive data. The solution also gives preventive and detective guardrails to continuously detect and stop configuration changes.  

A host-based security solution is deployed to prevent malware, such as viruses, worms, and ransomware. XDR complements this by enhanced monitoring and bolstering overall security measures. 

Key benefits include: