Our client is a prominent provider of communication platforms that empowers enterprises to engage with customers across various channels. Their extensive network enables them to facilitate significant interactions on a large scale through messaging, voice, and email. It offers a comprehensive solution for all communication requirements and serves as a go-to option for renowned companies such as Google, Uber, Flipkart, Tinder, PayPal, Visa, and Domino’s. Whether you need to send a simple text message or initiate a complex voice conversation, the client has everything one needs for their versatile and reliable communication tools.

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Published Date : 09-May-2023

Umbrella Infocare helps client secure servers

When the client decided to migrate from an on-premise data center to AWS Cloud, certain unique needs emergedThey needed to ensure a secure infrastructure from the perimeter side to prevent possible attackers from penetrating the servers. The company required a security solution to inspect the traffic before it reaches the server, and they wanted to control outbound traffic to prevent unrestricted access to the internet by the servers. 

They wanted to: 

We Enhanced Compliance & Security for the Client

Noventiq proposed a solution for the client that involves several measures to ensure the security and reliability of their AWS infrastructure. We deployed Firewalls in multiple availability zones for redundancy and scalability, which enables them to inspect all incoming and outgoing traffic. The solution also includes continuous monitoring using AWS Best Practices and Center for Internet Security (CIS) Benchmark via AWS Security Hub. For the protection of Web URLs hosted on AWS infrastructure, we deployed Web Application Firewall (WAF). In addition, AWS logging is enabled for governance, compliance, operational auditing, and risk auditing of AWS accounts. Load balancers protect instances from direct internet access. Logs and security services are integrated with 24/7 monitoring, and we provide round-the-clock support for infrastructure and security requests.

Key AWS services used:


Proper implementation of security services best suited to business needs resulted in cost savings for the client. We helped them reduce the need for expensive security hardware and software, minimize downtime due to security incidents, and avoid potential fines and legal fees resulting from non-compliance with security and regulatory standards. Furthermore, they also gained business agility and scalability and could quickly adapt to changing security threats and business requirements. Our solutions also facilitate the adoption of new technologies and services offered by AWS.