Profectus Capital Private Limited is a popular financial solutions provider for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). The Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC) offers a wide range of loan, financing, and funding solutions. Having financed more than 1300 SMEs across 20+ operational branches in India, Profectus aims to be the first-choice leader in financing and loans for SMEs.


Published Date : 04-May-2023

The Challenge

Profectus wanted to design and develop a Data transformation engine that would help generate aggregated data. The transformed data would then serve as a data service layer for systemized reports, visualization dashboards, and data science uses in the future. Profectus had finance and customer-related information that were not consolidated, and pulling the data for specific needs was time consuming. They run the data every day and sometimes during month closing, or they hold and run data for the last 4-5 days together. They did not have the flexibility to run data for different date ranges. They wanted to consolidate their critical data for ease of visualization and insights.

The Solution

Noventiq assessed their existing data setup and needs and helped them leverage AWS Glue for migrating their data processing to a Spark-based framework. Our team created the framework to automate data processes that helped them achieve their goals. We also set up alerts and notifications for detecting job failures.

The Outcome

With a framework for automating and integrating data, Profectus gains from quick data visualization, fast alerts on job failures, and more flexibility with filtering data for various purposes. AWS Glue helped Profectus run all scripts and jobs smoothly to ensure efficient data querying, running queries based on conditional requirements, and monitoring and logging.