Arapidly growing housing finance company providing home loans, business loans, and loans against property to lower and middle-income Indian families wanted to migrate to the cloud to improve customer experience and achieve cost benefits.


Published Date : 03-May-2023

The Challenge

The structured Fintech aims at rendering a superior service experience to borrowers, enhancing operational efficiencies, and reducing turn-around time for customers. To reach out to a wider audience through digital communication and unconventional distribution models, the client wanted to move their applications from on-premise to AWS cloud. They were looking for an efficient and cost-effective cloud migration strategy, as well as a more secure environment to support cost optimization, improved efficiency, and reduced expenses.

The Solution

Beginning with AWS migration, Umbrella Infocare built solutions that address all their needs comprehensively. Our team devised and implemented a streamlined cloud migration strategy, with the primary objectives of achieving scalability, high availability, fault tolerance, and cost optimization. Umbrella also came up with a rock-solid plan that involves several measures to ensure the security and reliability of its AWS infrastructure that leverage AWS Best Practices. With Managed Services from Umbrella Infocare, the loan solutions provider’s infrastructure has optimal monitoring, visibility into resource utilization, and performance metrics.

The Outcome

The journey with Umbrella has resulted in resulted in improved operational efficiencies, cost optimization, and enhanced security for the housing finance company. These outcomes will enable them to enhance customer experience and continue building a significant loan book.