Noventiq’s premier client is a pioneering digital publishing solutions provider, revolutionizing the industry with innovative technology across the globe. With over 50 years of experience, the client offers a full range of services including digital content development, technology solutions, and workflow optimization. Leveraging AI, ML, and NLP, they drive transformative change for their partners, helping their businesses thrive in the digital era.

IT industry

Published Date : 09-June-2023

Client’s Needs

Monitoring & visibility
Effective monitoring of alerts and resource utilization for better security and efficiency
Cost Optimization
Control over cost anomalies, resource optimization, and storage costs
Easy AWS Management
Streamlined incident, problem, change, account, log & backup management

Noventiq’s Solution

The client which was already on Amazon Web Services (AWS) partnered with Noventiq for robust support to monitor and manage a critical eLearning application & its underlined AWS infrastructure. The client liked our meticulous approach and wanted a Monitoring solution to help them get visibility into application availability, and performance along with secured infra with optimized cost. This extended to AWS Managed Services, where they benefitted from a comprehensive range of services including 24/7 support that enabled robust security and compliance, visibility into resource utilization, security threats and cost anomalies, automation, and easy management ranging from incident, problem, and change management to log and backup management. The client began with support for a single application and with enhanced customer satisfaction and trust in our managed services, expanded to a large and heavy workload relating to their core publishing services.  

The Security aspect of Managed Services helps them implement AWS Best Security Practices, achieve 100% Centre for Internet Security (CIS), monitor AWS Guard Duty alerts for preventing Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, bring visibility into IAM users and their permissions and enables security patch management for AWS servers. Monitoring also provides visibility into critical changes in the infrastructure, and AWS Web Application Firewall (WAF) for applications and APIs provides protection from bots and other exploits.  

Cost management for the client facilitates visibility into surprise costs, and resource utilization, enables right sizing of AWS resources, helps identify and delete idle resources, prevents added storage costs, and comes with valuable recommendations from AWS experts on savings plans, and Reserved Instances (RI) for costs savings. 

With Incident, Problem, Change, and Request Management, the client leveraged quick resolution of alerts, critical changes, and incidents and 24X7 support and availability. Backup, Account, and Log Management also provide visibility into, and reports on logs and backup.  

Our proprietary tool, uCloud brings high-level visibility using Dashboards, automates job scheduling, ensures easy alerts management and security assessments, and provides cost optimization analyses.  

Benefits of AWS Managed Services for the Client

Our client has gained from smooth management and visibility and a reliable infrastructure built on AWS Best Practices. Noventiq has also helped them align cloud infrastructure with their global compliance and security standards while providing dedicated support for their third-party audit requirements.  

The client also realized the following tangible benefits from our Managed Services: