A leading Entertainment platform leverages Noventiq’s Data Engineering framework for significantly improving customer experience.

An Indian subscription-based video on demand (SVOD) platform that is available across 32 different interfaces for viewers caters to Indian audiences at home and abroad. The popular digital entertainment company offers a wide variety of content in Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Punjabi, Tamil, and several other languages.

The company required a data analytics solution to leverage its data for obtaining customer insights, understanding the customer journey, and making decisions to improve its content delivery and overall user experience. A deeper understanding of their customer patterns would help them increase marketing ROI and enhance customer satisfaction.

Digital Entertainment

34 million + Subscribers

01. Bringing a Customer Focussed Viewing Experience

The digital entertainment leader must constantly devise ways of observing viewer behaviour and improving customer experience to win loyalty. Improving customer churn and offering maximum lifetime benefits are the biggest challenges to be addressed. They must ensure a consistent customer experience across multiple channels, such as, mobile app, Fire TV and web.

The company collects a large volume of data from users based on the subscription plan and various criteria such as age, gender, location, preferred mode of viewing and so on.

To achieve a superior digital viewing experience, they wanted to first streamline their data for the following purposes:

With more meaningful and focused data, the well-known Over the Top (OTT) player wanted to analyse data generated from user subscription and event patterns to gain insights into consumer behaviours such as time spent on an episode or series, what type of viewers prefer certain content, what type of content is most engaging to an age group or geography and more.

The user data, however, originated from multiple sources and was in varied formats. The leading entertainment company was looking to shift to cloud-based data solutions that could scale easily and help them optimise costs.

With cloud based Big Data solutions, they wanted to achieve the following:


02. Transforming Customer Experience through Data Engineering

Customer Experience

Our Data Lake framework helped streamline data ingestion from several sources and manage data more efficiently.

The data collected from various sources goes into Amazon S3 and the format is standardised by leveraging Glue and Noventiq’s Data Lake framework. Data is then transformed as per the business use case and viewed using Amazon QuickSight dashboards.

The solution supports ingestion of huge batches, has the capacity to handle real-time data feeds of large volume across the platform and considerably reduces ingestion time.

Accelerating Data Analysis & Deriving Customer Insights

The popular OTT service provider now has self service data ingestion with automated analysis of data quality, trends and customer profiles. The Data Lake framework ensures high availability of data with consumer layer for easy visualization.

Analysis based on key indicators such as number of subscriptions in a day, time spent by customers on content, type of content watched, and preferred method of viewing help the Media & Entertainment leader significantly improve content delivery and viewership.

Our Data Lake framework has helped the customer achieve their goals with the following advantages:

Noventiq’s Data Lake framework enabled a cost-optimised and efficient data solution that paves the way for advanced analytics and easy visualisation to constantly augment customer experience and improve marketing ROI.