Offering a persuasive digital shopping experience by catering to specific user preferences for business growth has become a need more than an option. Making products or services easy to discover is a key aspect of a good customer experience. Amazon OpenSearch helps data-heavy online portals scale their search infrastructure, enabling customers to find every product listed on the website’s catalogue and partners to list products easily.

IFFCO is one of the largest cooperative societies globally comprising more than 36,000 member cooperatives. IFFCO eBazar offers a wide range of agri products in various categories to both rural and urban communities. They need to ensure that each product is easily searchable, personalized and that suggestions for related products appear on the search results.

IFFCO ebazar

01. Transformation for Leading Edge Performance

IFFCO’s e-commerce application is a complex deployment requiring integrations with multiple third-party vendors. When users log in and search for products, huge volumes of data are processed and filtered to offer a fast and smooth shopping experience. The application enables users to browse through the product catalogue, view, and purchase products online, and track their order history. Agents can also access the application to purchase products.

Such a highly complex search engine requires a fast, reliable catalogue search, and Noventiq identified the Adobe Magento eCommerce platform along with Amazon OpenSearch as the ideal solution to handle the massive data volume. The data requires continuous monitoring to ensure smooth performance and high availability. IFFCO is mandated to adhere to stringent security compliance standards as well. During unusual peak surge in application traffic, they required scalability and security.

Noventiq designed the solution considering performance, high availability, and cost. This solution was designed using Magento’s built-in module and Amazon OpenSearch, we helped IFFCO create a broad-based data catalogue that addresses:

Amazon OpenSearch and Magento facilitate the following for the data heavy catalogue search:
IFFCO is able to provide a superior digital experience ensuring speed and high availability for varied users across multiple locations and languages.

02.More with Amazon OpenSearch

Apart from advanced catalogue search features, Amazon OpenSearch enables other important functionalities. We have leveraged Amazon OpenSearch to help several businesses tap the full potential of their data. Amazon OpenSearch’s Event data metrics empower advanced monitoring and enables setting up notifications based on predefined filters. We also help companies optimize Amazon OpenSearch for remote data indexing which allows integrating data from multiple sources, indexing the data and processing it for analytics and visualization.