A great customer experience on digital channels rests heavily on speed, performance, and ease of use. When it comes to data-heavy online searches, enabling quick results and faster data downloads establishes the competitive edge. Amazon OpenSearch empowers fast, relevant search results and data monitoring and visibility with dashboards.

Cybex offers deep insight into international markets and competitors with powerful data analysis software and a huge Export-Import database. They wanted to modernize the way they delivered data to be able to bring a superior customer experience. One of their main objectives was developing a highly intuitive Web interface and mobile app, which required an advanced solution for customizing and distributing huge volumes of data, along with low cost and ease of management. Noventiq helped them leverage Amazon OpenSearch to effectively achieve this goal.



01.Harnessing Data for advanced search and visibility

Cybex decided to modernize the way they delivered data using Amazon OpenSearch as a strong crux. Their application was powerful enough to accommodate huge data volumes, multiple filters for varying users and ensure quick and fast views and downloads of large data volumes. Users could access data through the web portal or the mobile app. Subscribers could perform various data related tasks from their dashboard and view and download reports with ease. They could search data for various countries, download search results and the complete dashboard with multiple search analyses.

To enable fast search results at scale and process huge volumes of data quickly, Amazon OpenSearch was identified as the right choice.

02.OpenSearch Efficacy for Cybex

For the search capability to perform effectively, the raw data had to be first sorted and validated. To achieve this our team helped Cybex establish folder nomenclature so that the data type is detected quickly and easily. The data is validated and saved in Amazon S3. The data is then uploaded to the web portal for managing and monitoring.

Templates for index mapping are created in Amazon OpenSearch where the processed data is saved. The search and filter criteria are then defined using dynamic JSON documents.

The use of Amazon OpenSearch for the Cybex application effectively enables the following:

Amazon OpenSearch stores huge volumes of data and helps power these searches without any latency. This service helps easily ingest, search, secure, aggregate and analyze data for the Cybex web application. Amazon OpenSearch enables advanced search and reporting capabilities, customer analysis, alerting and index management.

Noventiq helped Cybex achieve a superior web and mobile app search experience that has enabled them to meet the competition and expand their customer base.

02.Amazon OpenSearch Offers More

Apart from enabling powerful search capabilities, we have been helping various businesses use Amazon OpenSearch for exploring their data potential. A few are: