High Availability and Enhanced Performance for a Leader in Gaming

Gaming in recent years, especially post-pandemic has captured the attention of a massive user base through leading-edge technology that enables a vast array of innovative online and app-based games that have redefined the scope of entertainment.

AWS has been at the forefront of empowering the gaming industry to scale and create a user experience filled with riveting choices, speed, and entertainment. Noventiq with AWS has been helping Gaming companies scale faster, ensure security, and high availability, and manage peak demand with ease and efficiency.

This popular Gaming company brings a fun, interactive, fast, and highly responsive gaming experience to users through their e-Sports social gaming platform. More than 7 crore active users engage with 70+ hugely popular games on their platform. To keep up their promise of a superior, secure customer experience and high engagement, and to meet the increasing demand, the Entertainment solutions provider has been ensuring that they have a highly scalable and available environment.


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Published Date : 02-August-2022

The Game Plan

While the gaming leader had setup a very efficient and optimal IT environment, they had the following needs:

They decided to partner with Noventiq to effectively achieve the following:

Winning Journey to Superior Performance

The popular gaming company first collaborated with Noventiq and AWS for database support. We helped them migrate their database from i2k2 to Microsoft SQL which would help modernize their applications with ease. In this effort, they had a delightful experience working with our team. At the time of engagement with them, their Database size was close to 1.6 TB. Dedicating resources to manage the environment would take away the focus of core resources from innovation and development which were critical to business growth.

Following this productive collaboration, the Entertainment solutions player wanted to improve their inbound and outbound marketing communications across various channels like SMS, email, voice, and notifications with a highly scalable solution. Amazon Pinpoint’s omni channel reach, personalized messaging capabilities, and dashboards and insights answered this need with great relevance. They have several advantages which include:

Winning Journey to Superior Performance

With these capabilities, Amazon Pinpoint strongly supports the customer’s campaign management.

Transitioning to AWS Managed Services

Customer engagement and retention are crucial to the client’s business growth. To achieve these goals, they decided to get full-fledged support from Noventiq for managing their AWS environment. We helped them with the following:

The Solution

The Solutions

The Gaming company deployed NewRelic for reliable visibility. They worked with our Managed Services team closely to optimize monitoring through NewRelic and added new metrics and alerts for application performance monitoring.

They had alerts triggering from more than 800 metrics that are being monitored for both infrastructure and application performance. We helped the client optimize alerts by revisiting the threshold configurations, dropping a few less relevant metrics, and configuring new metrics aligned with the business need for performance monitoring

Triumph with AWS

The Gaming services provider has achieved the following on their Managed Services journey: