Advantages to Purchase AWS Products and Services from a Value-Added Reseller

Advantages to Purchase AWS Products and Services from a Value-Added Reseller

At the outset we thank you for reposing your trust and confidence in us as AWS partners. We are confident that we have had a mutually fruitful engagement and seek to cement this further. For many of our customer we not only resell Amazon products and services, but also provide Managed Cloud Services. In this regard, we want to highlight a critical aspect of the engagement—benefits of buying AWS services from a reseller, who own the account, why you should buy AWS services through resller are some of the quesrtions that often comes up in our discussions with customers.

We wanted to reassure customers and address customer concerns by defining ownership, management, security and share benefits associated in buying through Noventiq:

1) Ownership & Management :

When customers buy AWS services through Noventiq, the account is owned by the customer. People tend to interpret ownership in different ways, so in this case we just an enabler and customer owns and manages the account and we do not have any access to view, edit or modify any of your AWS resources. Further, this does not lock the customer to buy from us only and can move to any other reseller or buy directly from AWS in future. However a managed service provider (MSP) like Noventiq often manages the account on customer’s behalf. This includes managing IAM rights of the account, ensuring account security and putting in place stringent governance mechanisms. The MSP therefore works as a partner with customer and is in no way the owner, customer has complete flexibility to choose another MSP.

2) Security : Even as your MSP, Noventiq does not have access to all of your cloud resources. No one can access your resources unless you allow the permission. You can control access to your assets and provide controlled access to the MSP provider via access control lists. As your MSP, We governs your IAM list but does not own or control it.

3) Monitoring Services : We provide detailed monitoring services and alerts which detect underperformance, underutilization, security gaps and faulty deployments. This leads to enhanced security, optimized performance and cost savings for your AWS infrastructure.

4) Flexible Billing : Noventiq provides customized billing for each customer, so you can zero in on expenses and plan better. We can provide charge-back to different business units.

5) Consolidated billing : If you have several accounts, we provide consolidated billing, so you have a single view of your expenses.

6) Personalized Services : Noventiq is only a call away to resolve any billing and other support queries. Our operational and technical team understands your business requirements and engages with you in an informed and personal basis.

7) Allocate resources to business units : Noventiq can allocate Volume and Reserved Instance discounts to business units per your requirements. Also we enable you to set budgets with alerts, trend analysis, tag reporting, etc

So when you buy your AWS services from Noventiq, we help you optimize your costs and accelerate your cloud adoption.  We support more than 100 customers as reselling and Managed Services Partner.

Please contact us for more information about our Reselling and Managed Cloud Services.