A forerunner in Life Insurances services that have achieved customer success by achieving various benefits on AWS Cloud such as cost savings, minimum downtime, and high performance with the help of Noventiq.  

The well-established and popular Life Insurance Company in India with around 100 branch offices is a large conglomerate and has a vast portfolio of life insurance solutions and products across individuals and groups consisting of online term plans, life, health, and retirement solutions to name a few.


Published Date : 17-June-2023

How Noventiq Offered Support?

The prominent financial solutions provider manages a huge volume of customer portfolios and adds new services and features to enhance customer experience.  After understanding of the large Life Insurance business, their on-premise infrastructure, and applications, we helped them implement AWS Best Practices and services to ensure a robust and resilient infrastructure. We also helped them with clear visibility into cloud costs and easy management of cloud operations.  

With critical applications that handle sensitive user information like KYC and insurance information, they needed Noventiq’s help with a robust Disaster Recovery solution to ensure quick failover and recovery in the event of a failure.  

Life Insurance services company’s Resilience Needs

Enhance RTO & RPO

Enhancing Recovery-Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO) for minimum downtime

Enable App Resilience

High availability and resilience of applications supporting sensitive eKYC and unified insurance processes

Ensure Database Backup

Continuously autoscaled Database on multi–Availability Zones for faster recovery

Application Resilience for Leading Insurance Solutions Provider on AWS

As an established financial services provider, the client needs to ensure compliance and regulatory standards for which faster recovery using DR is critical. We understood their DR requirements thoroughly before coming up with the right solution.  

The complex architecture has multiple components: 

  • Database is highly available on AWS RDS in multiple Availability Zones.
  • Certain applications are deployed on AWS Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) and nodes are deployed in multiple AZ enabling autoscaling 
  • Some applications support eKYC functions deployed on AWS Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instances in single AZ and are stored in Amazon S3.  

To manage the applications on AWS EC2, we followed a Backup & Restore strategy by configuring AWS Backup Service to take EMI snapshots for the backup of instances. We also configured the instances to be recovered in secondary AZ, along with auto-failover for AWS RDS and AWS EKS in the event of a disaster. The near DR strategy is only for limited critical applications that are not on multi-AZ but require fast recovery and resilience.  

Backup & Restore DR Benefits on AWS


RPO of 1 hour and 0 RTO ensuring minimum downtime of critical applications

Application & DB Recovery

High availability of eKYC and unified insurance apps and faster DB recovery

Business Continuity

Best fit DR approach for single AZ setup to ensure smooth business continuity