A apidly growing financial services provider is a subsidiary of a well-established and highly reputed company in Japan. The group consists of more than 1,000 employees across 20+ offices in India.  

The sister company in India focuses on financing activities in the non-banking finance area by offering flexible financing solutions to corporates for leasing cars to its employees. They also provide commercial vehicle loans to the retail industry and loans against property to SMEs. The B2B has critical customer-facing applications for which availability and resilience are of great importance.  


Published Date : 17-June-2023

How Noventiq offered support?

Noventiq helped the growing financial services company migrate to Amazon Web Services (AWS) for enhancing uptime and to boost security. Beginning from a cloud assessment and a pilot to a phased migration and Disaster Recovery setup, and Managed Services, Noventiq has had a comprehensive cloud journey with this B2B service provider. Our Migration and modernization helped them achieve a highly scalable and available digital platform, cost efficiency, continuous compliance monitoring, and improved efficiency of their AWS cloud environment.

Business Continuity Needs

Post-migration, the Financial Services provider wanted a Disaster Recovery (DR) solution for several critical workloads across their VMs and database servers. Having moved to AWS already with two availability zones (AZ), the client needed the right DR approach to ensure resilience and smooth business continuity.


High availability with DR across two availability zones

Data Recovery

Backup & Restore for minimum data loss & quick recovery

DR Drill

Regular DR testing and drill for effective recovery processes


Enhanced RTO & RPO for business continuity with minimum downtime

Highly Resilient DR Environment on AWS

Considering the client’s existing AWS infrastructure with multi–Availability Zone (AZ), and their RTO, RPO requirements, we came up with a DR strategy that involved Warm Standby on AWS. Our team enabled the quick recovery and improved RPO and RTO.  

We followed an approach consisting of business impact analysis, strategy selection, and plan preparation, deployment, and testing.  

DR environment was built in another AWS AZ with regular backups at scheduled intervals and vastly improved time to restore service. AWS CloudEndure was leveraged for the replication of database servers in the second AZ. At the time of DR deployment, AWS region was not available, and the customer had data protection restrictions leading to a DR deployment in another AZ. Currently, as a new AWS region is available, the customer is considering moving DR to another region.  

Separate IP addresses and Application URL DNS mappings for a critical application

Realtime replication across multi-AZ and data replication over a secure channel

Regular evaluation of application performance & security on DR environment

Significant costs savings avoiding a CapEx approach and improving RTO & RPO

Enhancing RTO and RPO with AWS Disaster Recovery

With Noventiq’s DR strategy, we helped the growing financial services player ensure the following: