A hugely popular global multi-billion-dollar brand providing numerous solutions for home and office spaces to large commercial establishments specializes in appliances ranging from life solutions for electrical construction and housing materials, and IoT-connected solutions to a vast range of devices and appliances and focuses on leveraging cutting-edge technology for business success.

As a world-renowned brand changing lives across the world through advanced technology and sustainable solutions, it is imperative for the leader to ensure resilience and quick recovery for their applications that are widely used. 

Manufacturing Industry

Published Date : 19-May-2023

What Assistance did Noventiq Provide?

Noventiq has been a constant driving force in the tech journey of the prominent Appliances brand, beginning with cloud migration and moving on to Managed Services for continuous value on the cloud, DevOps for faster testing and delivery, cloud security, AWS Best Practices, and more.

Disaster Recovery Environment Needs 

The global appliances solution provider had CtrlS data centers housing more than 150 virtual servers that support various critical internal and customer-facing applications. While they have already moved many workloads to AWS, some workloads remain on-premise. The client was facing downtime for some critical applications on-premise and the existing Disaster Recovery (DR) solution was not suitable for their changing needs.  

The client considered various DR solutions and with our help decided to set up a Disaster Recovery (DR) Environment in Amazon Web Services (AWS) Mumbai Region for their servers in their on-prem data centers. 

Significantly improve Recovery-Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO)
Robust DR Stance

Dependable and resilient failover solution to ensure minimum downtime and business continuity


Automatic functioning and resilience of App & DB services in the DR environment 

Cost Optimization

Major reduction in Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for faster recovery

Ensuring Smooth Disaster Recovery on AWS for Appliance Leader 

Our potent team also helped the client implement the DR after conducting a Proof of Concept (PoC). The solution we offered was based on the Pilot Light DR strategy and involved the following:

  • Deployment of target region infrastructure with a new VLAN and DR VPC  
  • Setup CloudEndure for replicating their applications and Database server in near real-time to AWS cloud 
  • Use CloudFormation templated to quickly build infrastructure in the event of disaster using CloudFormation. 

While we deployed a highly resilient infrastructure on AWS, we also optimized the DR environment for cost savings: 

  • Only replicating instances are running with Elastic Block Store (EBS) volumes and target compute 
  • The infrastructure is only launched during the DR drill or in the event of a disaster  

We conducted a successful DR drill for the failover activity that helped validate the RTO and RPO and application ensuring smooth backup and recovery.  We also provided a Runbook of the complete DR drill as SOP to the client for reference in the event of disaster recovery. The SOP charts out a well-defined DR drill process and acts as a clear-cut guide for triggering the failover process during an actual disaster. 

Configuration of Network infrastructure in the DR environment including the VPC and subnets 

Configuration of VPN/Direct connect between production datacentre and staging area VPC on AWS 

Realtime, block-level replication in AWS staging area and data replication over a secure channel 

GUI-based interface for continuously monitoring the replication status of the server 

Leveraging AWS to Enhance RTO and RPO  

After we setup the DR environment on AWS Mumbai region for the home and life solutions provider, they realized the following benefits: