How running SAP HANA on AWS makes a difference?

How running SAP HANA on AWS makes a difference?


As we are all aware, SAP has been the uncrowned leader of Enterprise Resource Planning software, making it much easier for enterprises to manage finances, logistics, human resources and a lot more.

It is also a well-known fact that SAP customers were eagerly waiting to leverage the cost, agility and operational benefits of Cloud. AWS’ close association with SAP has enabled several organizations to optimize their SAP environments on Cloud. Amazon Web Services (AWS) and SAP have also been consistently collaborating to certify the AWS platform for SAP customers. And more recently, AWS has come up with cloud instances that help deliver superior performance and scalability for SAP HANA.

With AWS, customers find it easy to leverage SAP HANA to a great extent, and benefit from better efficiency as AWS consolidates data from multiple systems, avoiding data siloes.


AWS comes with a wide range of compute and storage services tailor made and certified for SAP HANA workloads and companies can move their SAP operations to AWS with trust and confidence. It is notable that additionally customers benefit from superior performance, quick provisioning of resources and security.

When SAP clients of all sorts migrate to AWS, they nearly always benefit from lower TCO, better agility and flexibility, as well as the benefits of switching to an OPEX model, making it a highly appealing alternative.

Benefits of SAP HANA on AWS

AWS offers a collection of infrastructure services for deploying SAP HANA for fault-tolerance and high-availability. You may also take advantage of AWS’s pay-per-use pricing model, which allows you to pay only for what you use.

You may also structure the SAP HANA infrastructure to meet your demands and boost availability across several Availability Zones (AZ). You can combine SAP HANA with any Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instance and block storage options based on your needs for storage. The main advantages of SAP HANA on AWS is:

  • Low operating costs: Running SAP on AWS allows you to save money on infrastructure and certain operating costs.
  • High Flexibility: AWS gives you the flexibility to extend your SAP system infrastructure in both directions as needed. For example, you may boost scalability by making extra resources available to your system for nighttime batch processes or month-end closings.
  • Better Agility and speed: By running SAP on AWS, you can activate your SAP system in minutes instead of spending hours setting it up. You may sidestep the entire internal procedure, from buying hardware to installing the operating system, in this method.
  • Better Security: AWS provides a secure environment for your SAP applications that have undergone several certifications and audits, indicating that it complies with necessary standards. You are in charge of supporting and administering the SAP systems that you use on the platform to ensure that they meet these standards as well.
  • No requirement of capacity planning: When running SAP on AWS, capacity planning is usually not required. Instead, when needed, you may add processor, storage, or network instances. You don’t need to make any strategic plans; simply get what you need from Amazon.

Apart from these advantages, AWS offers the Quick Start feature for SAP HANA systems. With Quick Start, optimal configuration of your Operating System, Amazon EC2 and Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS) are taken care of. Quick Start ensures consistent high performance of your SAP HANA right from the get go.

Why SAP HANA on AWS with Noventiq

Noventiq has worked with several companies to deploy SAP HANA on AWS and helped them realise major cost savings, application modernization and superior performance. We bring value by creating an exclusive infrastructure for deploying SAP S4 HANA applications on AWS on development, testing and production environments.

We also created a separate Disaster Recovery (DR) environment on AWS to run SAP HANA applications for a leading footwear brand.

For various customers, we have also ensured continuous high availability, performance and minimum downtime of applications on AWS through our Managed Services.

Some of our current clients, including a large and world leading manufacturer of BOPET and BOPP films are experiencing the following benefits from our AWS deployment for SAP HANA:

  • Operational efficiency, resilience and high availability with zero downtime
  • Continuous visibility and monitoring for higher productivity
  • Improved control of production and easy tracking of operations
  • Optimization of server resources for increased efficiency and cost savings
  • Enhanced security with better control over user access and resource allocation
  • Agility with automation, speed and scalability to meet higher demand
  • Better quality and delivery control with a data based strategy
  • Significant reduction in operational costs


With our team of cloud experts, understanding of SAP HANA performance on Cloud and experience, we are helping enterprises grow more efficient, enhance operations and reduce costs while delivering solutions faster. Our strong support, adherence to best practices and continuous improvement approach enable SAP HANA customers to get the best of AWS.