Known as one of the market leaders in online fantasy sports, MyTeam11 is the most trusted fantasy sports brand in India. Launched in 2016, MyTeam11 currently has a user subscription base of 18 million+ engaging in 10 major sports events, mainly Cricket, in dual languages, that include quiz contests and exciting winnings.

MyTeam11’s online gaming platform allows users to create their own teams for a match using their skills and knowledge of the game. Users pay a contest fee to compete against other users and win prize money. MyTeam11 offers daily fantasy contests across sports like Cricket, Football, Basketball, Kabaddi, American Football, Handball, Rugby, etc. and features all the major sporting events across the world including the IPL. MyTeam11 offers easy options to download their mobile app, select a match, create a team, and join a league.


01. Why MyTeam11 Needed Data Engineering

The online gaming platform with its large user subscription base collects a huge volume of complex data from different sources, including but not limited to operations, customer events, marketing and their chatbot. Although there is a huge volume of useful data available they were finding it difficult to aggregate, transform and draw meaningful KPI for improved decision making to achieve business outcomes like

With their existing setup, generating real-time insights accurately was a challenge due to the following reasons:

02.Noventiq Architects Business Intelligence for MyTeam11

To help address MyTeam11’s need for data analytics, we proposed the following solution:

Data Lake

As data silos was the main concern, we began with the Data Lake to accumulate data from disparate servers such as their marketing platform and operational data. Data is first ingested into the AWS S3 data lake. The Data Lake clears redundancy, handles raw data across multiple formats and creates a single source of truth. The data is secured using multiple layers of security in the Data Lake. This will also result in cut down on time taken for analysis.

Data Warehouse

The data is de-duplicated, cleaned and stored for ready access using AWS Glue. The aggregated data is uploaded to the Data Warehouse using RedShift for user-friendly analytics. MyTeam11 now has a completely automated data setup from ingestion to visualisation using Power BI.

03. Data Lake Architecture for MyTeam11

04. MyTeam11 Accelerates Decision Making & Operational Efficiency

Now that our Data Lake combines data from customer events and activities and the user data that comes into the server. visual analysis of the correlated data (KPI) on Power BI brings several capabilities that MyTeam11 can leverage to improve their customer experience. These include:

Noventiq and MyTeam11 Partnership

MyTeam11 has now embarked on the journey of advanced real-time analytics with Noventiq on use cases such as proactive fraud detection, real-time marketing campaigns, and enhancing the customer experience, resulting in overall improvement in marketing ROI.