OneShield Software delivers business solutions to global insurance and financial services industry. The Cloud-based solutions are offered as standalone, subscription and as-a-service which includes enterprise-class policy-management, billing, claims, rating, product configuration, business intelligence and smart analytics. OneShield has more than 46 products across property & casualty; life; health; insurance; and specialty markets which automates and simplifies complexities of core systems with targeted solutions.


01. Customer Challenge

OneShield wanted to move its development environment to AWS Cloud to take advantage of the scalability, elasticity and security. The customer wanted robust infrastructure platform and DevOps enabled automated processes to aid its business imperative of rolling out new products; functionality and enhancements; updates and patches at high velocity to achieve competitive advantage.
As with any software company Dev &Test is the lifeline of OneShield and as a solution operating in the insurance sector the company has to innovate continuously to keep pace with regulatory challenges. No feature, update or patch can go into production without testing.
OneShield wanted high automation in Dev & Test environment to facilitate collaboration between different teams—its production center is in the US and multiple Dev & test teams are working on enhancements and custom solutions with tight deadlines and efficient collaboration is critical for high productivity.
So critical is Dev & Test for OneShield that the company wanted a fail-over strategy which will automatically initiate Disaster Recovery for business continuity and help meet SLA commitments for custom solutions. In the absence of DR, system downtime was severely affecting operations as any delay in dev & test was having a ripple effect and crippling production capability. Considering that software applications frequently require security patches and updates, any delay in roll out increases application vulnerability, putting businesses at high risk.


OneShield wanted to achieve the following business objectives with DevOps-enabled automation:


We set up a CICD pipeline for application release and used automation in following areas: